Members Biographies

Mr Ray Steinwall

Ray Steinwall is a Solicitor and  Barrister of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and a legal practitioner of  the High Court of Australia.

Ray holds  qualifications in Law and Economics and is an Adjunct  Professor in Law at the University of New South Wales.

Ray has extensive teaching  experience principally in competition and consumer law, commercial contracts  and corporations law. His other research interests include the development of  competition and consumer regimes in the Asia Pacific and promoting cultural  diversity in institutions.

He has  published extensively, including several books and articles. He is also a  regular contributor on competition and consumer law, regulation and cultural  diversity.

Ray has extensive  experience as a practicing lawyer for a number of national law firms where he  has advised governments and companies on competition, consumer law and  commercial law. He was also General Counsel for a pricing, regulatory and  economic regulator and General Counsel for a major multinational corporation.

Ray was also  a principal policy adviser responsible for the implementation of competition  policy in New South Wales and for providing advice on industry regulation,  competitive neutrality, third party access regimes, the national electricity  market and the commercialisation and corporatisation of government entities.

Ray served  an earlier term as a member of the Australian Competition Tribunal. Previously  he was also a member of the Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council and  a member of an Expert Panel that advised the Minister on Unconscionable Conduct  and the Franchising Code of Conduct. He has consulted to the Asian Development  Bank on competition and consumer policy.

Ray is also the founding editor and general editor of the Competition  and Consumer Law Journal and a member of the Law Council of Australia‚Äôs  competition committee.